Great for adults and kids! HarmonoArt is a mesmerizing blend of science and art. It allows you to create your very own, one-of-a-kind geometric art! Users design highly customizable harmonographs with the use of two virtual pendulums.

Using the basic principals of a harmonograph, you can customize the speed, colors and angles to produce original pieces of art!

Harmonographs, originated in the 19th century, are machines that use pendulums and pens to create geometric images. The traditional harmonographs use two pendulums. If you change the phase and frequency of the pendulums, the pen swings in various patterns and directions, thus creating memorizing patterns.

Now you can make your own without a big machine! HarmonoArt takes it one step further by offering tons of color customization and allowing you full control over the pendulums.

Enjoy making your HarmonoArt creations! If you make a really great one, please send it to us so we can include it in the HarmonoArt galley. Happy creating!


HarmonoArt Gallery